Monday, October 10, 2011

Web 2.0 and Dropbox

Web 2.0 seems to be the future (or "now" if you're slightly behind the times like I am) of storage, collaboration, and sending files to others online. 

I recently had the choice between purchasing a MacBook Air which is firmly in the Web 2.0 realm, and a MacBook Pro, which is still closer to the older paradigm of disk drives and so on. I chose the MacBook Pro due to the fact that the Air didn't have a CD/DVD drive. Considering I still have a lot of music CDs and movie DVDs, I felt it would be useful to keep the option of having a CD/DVD drive. I also liked the idea of having a "bigger" harddrive - which of course may be rendered a moot point with the idea of Web 2.0! Specifically, a service like Dropbox allows you to free up a lot of storage off of your personal computer so you can access it anywhere. Consequently the need for local storage is reduced. But for now I am happy with the more traditional MacBook Pro purchase.

For more ideas on Web 2.0 and Dropbox, please see this document. 

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  1. Agreed. The MacBook Pro is a true workhorse. The Air ... is a little more along the line of an iPad on steroids, but just not as fast and versatile.

    Dropbox will be a life saver, for many reasons.