Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Multi-Media Project: Screenr

I did my multi-media project using the program Screenr. The program allows you to capture all of the movements you make on the computer (including keystrokes and mouse movement) and record your audio commentary/directions at the same time. 

Screenr is a great tool for making tutorials. With this tool you can not only tell someone how to accomplish a task on their computer, but show them. I have watched several videos where people have used this program but never just knew how easy it was to use. You simply go to to get started. I had never used this tool before and found it quite easy to work with. Within no time, you'll be able to make your own "Screencast". The Screencast is the final, recorded product.

I can think of a couple of ways to use this program in the classroom. For example, it could be used to explain complicated computing procedures to students. This will save the teacher a great deal of time - they simply need to explain it once and students can follow the steps by watching the Screencast as many times as they need. With Screenr, it's like having the teacher right there to walk you through the task, step by step. Another application is to have the student use it to teach something to others - just like what we're doing now. As we know, the best way to really learn something is to do it yourself and then teach it to others. 

The Screencast I created is about embedding videos into your blog. Sometimes people just give a link to the video, which works but takes you off of the blog. It is much more effective if you can actually have the video in your blog already so the user doesn't have to leave the blog. I found this to be a very simple and effective tool. 
IMPORTANT: Be sure to have your editing tab set to EDIT HTML, not COMPOSE, when pasting the EMBED code. 

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