Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oregon Technology Education Network (OTEN) Reflections

Well, after a long battle with Yodio (I lost), I have managed to upload my comments using Voicethread. Below I have embedded my Voicethread commentary.

The presentations I attended were by Barry Jahn and Machelle Childers. Mr. Jahn's presentation was entitled "Easy, Efficient, & Essential Tech Tools to Improve Teaching and Learning" and Mrs. Childers presentation was on "Podcasting in the Elementary Classroom: Ideas for Creative Projects with your Students". Both were quite useful! 

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  1. Sorry Yodio didn't work for you. Job well done on Voicethread.

    I'm thinking one should be able to EMBED this into a Blog. We can talk about this in class. Basically one should be able to go to Voicethread and SHARE; and copy the EMBED coding.
    Then, go in to this Blog post -> hit the EDIT HTML button, and PASTE.