Sunday, October 9, 2011

Google Presentations

When you need to make a slide show, Google Presentations is a nice alternative to PowerPoint.

First, Google Presentations is free, which is always a plus. Second, it's easier to use than PowerPoint, but the trade off is that it lacks some of the features. However, you can collaborate with others on a presentation much easier than you can with PowerPoint. I used PowerPoint the last couple of years in Korea and it took me a while to fully grasp all of the functions (the fact that the program was in Korean, might have played a small part!). But with Google Presentations it really doesn't take long at all. The final product isn't quite as slick, but it's just as effective and much easier to work on group projects with. 

Here is a demo of Google Presentations.

My role in the presentation was the "owner" of the doc and I did the first slide and contributed elements of many of the other slides. I found it very intuitive to use, however I experienced difficulties in using bullets effectively. I still need to research how to present a one bullet at a time. 

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  1. To EMBED your presentation:
    1- open your google presentation
    2- be sure to SHARE AND PUBLISH it
    3- look for the EMBED coding and COPY IT
    4- return to this blog and hit the EditHTML button
    5- paste
    6- Publish. VOILA